1-14 Fateska, 613 After Odo



Clusta Noba

Barù Saulani with the help of the Fire Tongue Inquisitors and friendly local forces attempts to expand the Abzulva base to both be able to prepare the non-combatants to be evacuated once the seas clear and for those brave enough to stay and fight to be trained to work together against the common foe. The locals, having been under siege for so long, understand the seriousness of the undertaking and support it fully (Raise Influence success). While they do, the Order continues to dredge the straight, practice, and raid the ruins the Order has continue to develop the protection of the island into a finely crafted machine of efficiency given the lean resources and intermittent supply lines (Mobilize).



As Fundibéra makes her way to Rung. she tells her story to the citizens there and begins to ask them to also worship the moon to protect their land as she teaches them rituals to counter-act the ones done by the manapor. The people, still strong with the faith of their ancestors, join her (Raise influence success). She is not alone. Commodore Kaldor is also there. Guarded by the dishonoured wolven, he meets with dwarven and Rungi leaders, finding a market for military kit commandeered from raids on the Trimelda family. They eagerly buy and look forward to the next round of trading (Raise Influence success). Meanwhile, in a different part of the province, Archeron, a freelance Sorceror of a petty noble house who owes his study of the mysteries to the wealth of his current patron dedicated himself to the study of Fundibera's moon magic on display in and about Rung, and is rewarded for his efforts with an increased understanding of her powers (Mobilize).


No news.

Kark While Fundibéra is away her followers keep accepting more and more people into her ranks (Mobilize).



More cannibals are recruited to the new guild (Mobilize).

Fokale Plains

The Grand Syntald Edwyl Hussler is reputed to have brought in his illusionists to combine the mystical energies of the tattoos from the Kargomites and an intensely focused illusion captured by the self same tattoo for use and reuse as needed. A breakthrough followed when a young female illusionist created a miniature version of The Eniak, which combined with the glowing tattoo on her arm allowed her create the same illusion without using the necessary energies to do so again. All of it was made possible by the uncharacteristically good natured tattoo artist willingly helping her out for days on end with no complaints (Raise Influence Success).


The people of the Old Blood use the Prince of Folda's denunciation to gather more aristocrats to their banner. Such an insult cannot stand, they say (Moiblize).


The Academics work hard in the libraries of the University of Fontra Cilor to uncover new evidence with regards to the family lineages of the Klavykian emperors. Two new Syntald chairs are opened up (Mobilize).


On a drunken night of revelry and intoxication, Gaddagormgald decided to order the firing of a single shot of trebuchet at the holdings of Edwyl Hussler. He hoped, at best, that rock might kill or wound the Great Syndald, and at worst might be a bit of entertainment. The shot flew true that night, guided as if by an invisible hand. It crashed directly through Hussler’s window, crushing the man in his luxurious bed. What started as a practical joke ordered by a commander during a drunken stupor resulted in the death of the most powerful man in Trakoria (Attack Edwyl Hussler success)

The Kishat

In the Kishat, Manzonla's waxing church still has no problem finding new acolytes. After having been experienced so many troubled years, they flock to the Church, particularly now that they know that the Vox Ranzina has predicted glory for the Kishat and the immediate crumbling of the Trakorian Empire (Mobilize). In the energetic atmosphere, the Moskorian merchants allied with Geryon have no trouble establishing themselves in various ports, particularly Albarunzia (Raise Influence Success).


An Island off the coast of Myxa was purchased by the Galdian governments of Myxa this month, with businesses swarming to set up shop in the lucrative location between Myxa and Moskoria (Mobilize). Standing by in Navumbra, Purpurians converted as many as they could to the cause, stirring interest in purity (Raise Influence success).



Help Manzola – 1DD. Crystalocrat Manzola is seen being escorted by two concealed men carrying glowing ember sticks, towards the dungeon on suspicion of inciting a riot. He awaits trial in Brosma before he will reportedly travel to the finger of Shamash to face justice, escorted by Gaddagormgald's navy through shows of force along the coast of Soblak and Branyla. Powerholders throughout the province take note and fall into line, even as Barbosks celebrate the show of strength as something worthy of respect (Raise Influence Success).



No news.


The marshfolk merchants use the time of calm and peace to develop their assets. They build new houses, above and below the water line, and refine their ships (Mobilize).


No news.


The plan of the Potion makers guild is finally completed. One night, the wells throughout the city are spiked with certain substances, while the meals of high ranking administrators and key civil servants are spiked. The next day, they are all found dead or mad, and loyalists move in quickly to take their place as the populace in general is just too passive to do anything about it (Raise Influence succeeds).

Hiltre & Hoejdar

No news.


One more, the actors prepare to move in and get hooks on important power holders throughout the province. However, this time, there is no good festival to organize the event around, and the lack of that particular subterfuge allows Gomba's agents to easily identify the preparations and alert the potential targets. Once again, the actors are frustrated (Raise Influence Fail). That work does not impede the Duke's work to grow his fortune in the least. Many of his investments pay off handsomely only to be reinvested within the fortnight in some other worthwhile venture (Mobilize). What Gomba's agents do not get in the way of is the work of the Digeta Longa. Powerful nobles in the pocket of the Secret Service move throughout high society to make sure it accepts the activities of the pirates establishing themselves locally. They do so, and so Kaldor gains another toehold (Raise Influence success).

New Mark

This time, the Digeta Longa engages the assistance of Trinsmyran Freedom Fighters, who operate as a brute squad on behalf of the Trakorian Secret Service. The irony isn't lost on the population, and while but Grigor Trimelda's merchants do their level best to point out the hypocricy, even launching some attempts at boycotts, they just can't stand up to the coordinated efforts of highly skilled Secret Service agents with the violence of angry freedom fighters who were allowed to attack one of the oldest families of the Trakorian nobility. For now, the Trastamara's hold over the province is undermined (Raise Influence Success).


The Trimeldan knights conduct exercises and drills to learn from past mistakes (Mobilize).


Mistress Oliphantine Bray's trading company keeps expanding. Her latest investment consisted in specially modified wagons designed to hold slaves for quicker in-land distribution (Mobilize).


These two were quiet in the province. Acting defensively with the arrival of a horde of Trimelda's Courtiers, the Duchess redoubled her efforts to protect her own hangers-on from manipulation and intrigue. (Mobilize). Gomba's contacts settled for keeping an ear to the ground among the nobility and courtiers to learn more about the social landscape (Mobilize). The Courtiers did not act very aggressively, preferring to host a number of parties and other social events. Many came and were quite charmed by what they saw (Raise Influence Success).



StartFragmentNo news.


The Peace Orcs have opened a centre for meditation, finding new insights into the nature of thing (Mobilize). Gaddagormgald’s Army performs yet another of his signature death marches, although this time under the direct stead of Gaddagormgald himself. By the end of the week long march, the troops seemed to ripple with muscle and red energies (Mobilize). While inquiring after the knowledge of local Seers the Veteran Priests of the Abzulva build up a rapport with the locals and encourage them in their devotions to the Gods. (Raise Influence Success).

Frimboline Plains

No news.


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