The Heroes


Elven druid from the Aidne mountains north of Zorakin. Has served the Stoneheart family as a healer for the last few decades.


Wolven ranger. Originally from the Vulferwood on Trinsmyra, Trakoria, he went seeking adventure when he was younger, ending up serving as a scout same mercenary unit as Albrich. He went with his friend to Zorakin and has served as the Stoneheart’s forest warden.

The two travelled with Sir Rolande and Albrich to Marjura to find the nobleman's long-lost older brother, who had joined the Shagulites.

Gobbin Voltos

Dwarven crafter from Ziddisbar. He lives in a swamp bordering Gwondel Leigu and travelled to Marjura that fateful Fall to experience and explore the Arctic fauna.

Ganfryd da Rakma

Human mercenary from Rakma, Trinsmyra. He was employed by a company of soldiers travelling to Marjura to act as guards for the Sulphur mining operation.


Their Adventures

Sir Rolande Coeur de Pierre

Young human knight of lesser nobility from Zorakin [Catalonia]. Led the expedition to Marjura. Has won some jousts during tournaments, but otherwise inexperienced.

Dwarven soldier and master craftsman. Used to work with mercenaries in Hamur, Klomellia [the Netherlands] together with Roari. The two moved to Zorakin to serve the Stonehearts when Hamur was sacked.


Below is a brief summary of the adventures of the four protagonists, as they strive to complete their quests in Trakoria. Please, no spoilers if you have played this campaign!

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